If your project is linked to the obtention of an E2 visa, you may be required to submit a business plan with the immigration file.

The “philosophy” of the E2 investor’s visa is based on the fact that your business should meet a number of criteria set by the US immigration authorities, including:

that it generates profits.

that the activity of the company is real and has a significant impact on the local economic environment.

that it generates sufficient income to enable the investor and his or her family to live in the United States.

that it creates jobs for Americans.

If the acquired company has already been operating for several years and meets all of these criteria, it is generally sufficient to indicate that the new owner will continue to develop the business in the years to come. On the other hand, if the business does not fulfill one or all of these criteria (not enough profit, not enough employees, …) or in the case of a business creation, then it is essential to provide a detailed Business Plan over 5 years that will demonstrate to the immigration officer that the project is viable and that it will quickly validate all the conditions requested.

Each project is obviously specific and different, but the structure of the Business Plan generally remains fairly classic with the following main elements:

an executive summary that clearly depicts the whole project in one or two pages.

a description of the company.

the details of the products and/or services offered.

an analysis of the market and the competition.

the detail of the marketing and commercial strategy.

the details of the organization and employees.

the five-year financial analysis (P&L, cash flow, balance sheets, start-up investment).

This document, worked in close collaboration with the immigration attorney in charge of the E2 visa file, is included in the file sent to the US Embassy in the country of origin of the investor.

My education and my professional background in different companies and various industries have led me to work regularly on the elaboration of Business Plans. I have acquired a solid experience to understand and analyze the stakes and the leverage points relating to any professional project, whatever the industry and the market.
I can, therefore, accompany you very closely in this important stage of the process of obtaining the visa.
Since I arrived in Miami, I have had the opportunity to accompany many projects in various sectors (restaurant, beauty salon, boating sector, accessories store, marketing services, etc …).

T o date, all the Business Plans that I had prepared and wrote (creation or purchase of a business) have enabled the investor to obtain his E2 visa.