What is the BBF ?

The BBF (Business Broker of Florida) is a nonprofit association that brings together leading Business Brokers throughout the state of Florida. It is the largest association of Business Brokers in the United States. To become a member of the BBF, it is necessary to demonstrate capacities and expertise in the field of transactions of businesses. Once accepted, the Business Broker adheres to a very strict code of ethics.

The Association also hosts a network of various professionals offering services related to business transactions, including business lawyers, accountants, financial experts, mortgage brokers, etc.

Today, the BBF, is :

Businesses Listed
Businesses Sold
Documents & Forms

1,400 members Specialized in Business

More than 4,000 Businesses Listed

A Data Basis of more than 16,000 Businesses, Available for Benchmarking.

A full Library with Documents et Forms (non disclosure agreement, asset sales purchase contrats, etc.), Validated by Business Lawyers, and used by all Business Brokers.

Member of the BBF, I carry out my research for business opportunities on the BBF data base in priority.
My experience has shown that Business Brokers within this Association are generally, more professional, efficient and reliable. Unlike many traditional real estate agents, they know exactly what a business is and how it operates. Therefore, they also master the specificities associated with this particular market (confidentiality, analysis of financial elements, organization, marketing strategy, etc.).

Within the BBF, we all follow the same approach and procedures. We use the same documents and forms, especially the NDAs, and the Asset Purchase Contract. This contract has already been validated by Business lawyers, and enable both parties (Seller and Buyer) to save time and money.

Working with a BBF Business Broker, member is, therefore, a real asset for the success of your professional project.

Licensed Realtor & Business Broker
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