Do you want to sell your business?
Here are the different steps to do so. I will then accompany you throughout the sales process:

The Analysis of your Business and the Assets of the Company

After explaining and detailing the procedure for marketing and selling your business, I carry out with you a thorough analysis of your business and the assets of the company. This step is very important because it will not only determine an optimal sales price, but also prepare as best as possible the strengths and the elements of differentiation of your business, so as to be as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

A Benchmark of Similar Businesses Sold Recently

As a Business Broker, I have access to an extensive database of the latest transactions in a given industry and geographic area. This approach and information enable you to better position your own business in accordance with the reality of the market.

Evaluation of a Listing Price

The evaluation of an optimal selling price takes into account both the amount of commissions to be paid to the Business Broker(s) involved in the transaction and a possible margin for negotiation (it is rare for a buyer to make an offer at the listed price). This price evaluation is generally a wise and reasonable compromise between the reality of the market and the ideal wish of the seller.

The Formalities

Tpreparation of the necessary documents for the listing of the business on the market (financial documents, lease, licenses, pay-roll, equipment list, etc.).

The Listing

The listing of the business on the website and the database of the Business Broker of Florida Association, and / or any other website that will be considered interesting.
A possible marketing and advertising campaign on certain targeted media, is also discussed. One should, however, keep in mind that it is usually recommended to maintain a strong level of confidentiality in order to maintain the highest possible level of activity and thus preserve the chosen valuation of the business.

The Potential Buyers

II carry out, if necessary, a “screening”, that is to say the verification of the seriousness of the buyer. In a second stage, I organize the appointments and the possible visits of the business. As a general rule, appointments are often made outside of the premises or at out of business times, in order to maintain the highest possible level of confidentiality (and to avoid, as far as possible, that the employees learn that the business is for sale , which could cause them to leave).

The Negotiation on all Aspects of the Contract

The negotiation will, of course, be on the selling price, but the potential buyer is entitled to negotiate other aspects of the contract. The advantage of going through the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF) Association, is the use of common forms that have already been validated, especially in the courts. The BBF’s Asset Purchase Contract is a relatively neutral and balanced contract between the seller and the buyer. This contract can be prepared by the Business Brokers of the BBF without having to automatically go through a business lawyer. This is why we generally recommend our customers (seller or buyer) to privilege this contract in order to facilitate the transaction and thus also reduce any additional legal costs.

The Due Diligence

The period of due diligence and in fact the entire period between the accepted offer and the closing remains very delicate. Indeed, the buyer has, within this time interval of about 1 month, several possibilities to terminate the contract. Hence the importance of properly preparing the legal and financial documents that will be given at the time of due diligence and above all to be very attentive and responsive to any particular request from the buyer or his accountant.

The Closing

The closing, organized by a business lawyer represents the finalization of the transaction. A number of legal closing documents are signed – the Bill of Sales, the Closing Statement (which transparently summarizes all exchanges of money towards all parties involved in the transaction), a possible non-competition contract, etc. At the end of this closing, the transfer of the business is officially finalized.

Of course, I accompany you and advise you at all stages of the sales process.

Licensed Realtor & Business Broker
Cap Realty, LC